Éva Szabó

Éva Szabó, MSc is an RYT200 Yoga Teacher, Accredited Yoga Wheel Teacher, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama Teacher as well as an Organiser for Mindful Works.

Éva started yoga as a self-teaching process in 2004, using books as her main source to study principles of yoga, exact process of asanas. Besides, she began simple concentration and meditation practices based on Sri Chinmoy’s guidelines. For a time she turned completely towards meditation, of which especially Vipassana, in the tradition of late S. N. Goenka, should be mentioned, with annual retreats in Hungary as well as in Austria, beginning in 2013. Another meditation inspiration for Éva was her attendance at a Zen Buddhist retreat led by Jan Boswijk (a student of Tich Naht Hanh’s) and Hilli Bol in 2018, where she got the transmission of Five Mindful Practices.

She graduated as an RYT200 Yoga Teacher in 2017 at DownDog Yoga, a Yoga Allience-registered training organisation, since then she has participated in several yoga teacher training processes. Her next step is complete a Yin Yoga teacher training.

When teaching yoga, Éva does not only focus on the bodily aspects, she also considers the mental ones like Pranayama, concentration, meditation very important. Thus her yoga lessons are always balanced among the physical, energetic and mental dimensions.

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