Apply for a course

Before you apply for a course, please, take the following into consideration:

  • Mindfulness meditation is able to transform every aspect of life, but it is not necessarily a fast approach. Expected minimum of home practice at this course is 25 minutes daily at least on 6 days of the week, for the whole duration (8 weeks) of the course. According to research without this commitment benefits of mindfulness are unlikely to come.
  • If you regularly attend a psychotherapist/counsellor: it is your responsibility to discuss your attendance at the mindfulness course with your therapist/counsellor.
  • In case you have any financial difficulties or other questions do not hesitate to contact us.
  • After reviewing your application we will send you a questionnaire, to clarify your personal needs, problems, status. The teacher may contact you in other forms (like phone) to ask questions.
  • Course fee must be paid before the course starts. In case you cannot come to the course we transfer back the price minus HUF 35 000.
  • Every info you have given us is held strictly confidential and is never shared with anyone.