1-to-1 courses in Budapest

If you want to learn mindfulness I recommend you to do it in a live group. A live group

  • is a support to your practice,
  • may help you understand things deeper,
  • and, at last but not least, is a cheaper way.

I know, of course, that there are some certain circumstances in which individual, 1-to-1 learning is the only option:

  • in some physical or mental health problems
  • or in case of hectic personal schedules.

So here’s some info you should know if you want to learn mindfulness in a 1-to-1 format in Budapest:

  • Downtown location: Lélekszíntér, XIII., Balzac utca 39., ring bell no. 5.
  • 8 sessions of 75 to 90 minutes. (Most sessions are 75 minutes long, but some are longer.) Sessions are usually held on weekdays. In the beginning, you and the teacher agree on times and dates of sessions, which you can ask to modify 48 hours before the session begins.
  • Participant gets access to about 10 guided meditation recordings and get a course workbook.
  • Participant is interviewed by the teacher before the course begins either in a conversation or in a written form in order to clarify individual needs, problems, motivations.

Note to sessions: Sessions are shorter than those of the group courses because in 1-to-1 format only one participant shares their experiences. Unlike group format participant is encouraged to read the appropriate chapter before the session and reflect on it during the session. All courses are held in inquiry-style guiding.

Application is here.

Course price varies according to your financial situation:

  • In case you think you are a wealthy person (in Hungarian standards) the price will be HUF 217 000.
  • In case you consider yourself an average income person (in Hungarian standards) the price will be HUF 157 000.
  • In case you need a discount, please, contact us, noting the amount of discount you need. We’ll come back to you with the reply as soon as possible.
  • Price must be paid before the course starts.

In case you’re a pair or a small group of people wishing to learn and practice mindfulness, please, contact us here.

Don’t forget you must have a real commitment to the course, meaning especially a minimum of 30 minutes of formal mindfulness practice a day, on at least 6 days a week, for at least 8 weeks. Mindfulness is an experiential approach, whose fruit you can only gather through practice. The other commitment is attending sessions, there’s nothing more. You don’t have to be beautiful, smart, nice, strong, fashionable or fast – practicing and  attending are just enough! 🙂

Click here to apply.


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